Cookie Policy

When you use our TheCappadociaTravel- Emka Tur websites (including mobile sites or mobile applications), we and third parties may collect some non-personal data (simple to minimize all kinds of information to simplify it) using 'cookies' and other technologies to use the tools we offer you. We call it 'cookie'.


For a list of companies that use cookies and how they use them, please click on the Cookie Consent Tool. This tool is always available in the bottom corner of our site. When you visit our Karnavaltour websites, create an account or purchase any product, you consent to us and to third parties who use cookies to comply with your cookie settings in accordance with your cookie settings. You can use the Cookie Consent Tool to change your preferences at any time.


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that contains small amounts of information and transfers it to your computer via your internet browser. So the website can remember who you are. The duration of a cookie on your computer depends on whether it is permanent or a session cookie. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your computer until you leave the website. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you finish browsing until they expire or are deleted. It is an invisible image with a pixel tag, or sometimes an internet pointer, an email message, or a set of codes that settle on an internet page. Cookies can be categorized as "First Party Cookies" or "Third Party Cookies". “First Party Cookies” are cookies placed by Ticketmaster / Live Nation on your device, and “Third Party Cookies” are cookies that are controlled by another party but placed on your device when you visit our site. For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about the user experience on our Karnavaltour website.


What are cookies used for?

Cookies can be placed in one of the following categories, such as "essential cookies", "analytical cookies", "functionality cookies" and "advertising and marketing cookies". The table below provides detailed information about each category:


Main Cookies

These cookies are required for the operation of the Thecappadociatravel website. It allows you to browse the website and use its features. Without these cookies, necessary services, such as the ability to access secure areas, cannot be provided. For example, you are logged in during your visit. Without these cookies, the website may forget you and you need to log in again. When you buy products, cookies make sure that the products are in your shopping cart when you pay.


Analytical Cookies

These cookies collect information about how the website is used, which pages are visited most often, and how to switch from one link to another. Information collected on the open Thecappadociatravel website is grouped together with other people's collective use of the Karnavaltour website. If you are logged in to the customer portal, we can associate the information with cookies to your account. In general, these cookies provide us with analytical information about how the Karnavaltour website performs and how we can improve it.


Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow us to remember your choices and adapt the Thecappadociatravel website to offer you advanced features and content. For example, these cookies can be used to remember your username (not with your password). They can also be used to remember changes to text size, font, and other parts of pages you can customize.


Advertising and Marketing Cookies

These cookies are used to provide you with customized marketing and advertising messages based on the information you browse, purchase or show interest in. We use these cookies in conjunction with third parties to provide tools that allow us to group these cookies with other users to target these messages and ads. For example, when browsing the Thecappadociatravel website or our apps, adding products to your cart or making a purchase, you may see ads or messages of this or similar events. This could be an ad on Facebook, search results on Google, or an email reminding you that you still have items in your cart. All third parties we work with comply with online behavioral advertising (OBA) industry standards to ensure you are not personally identified, and you also have the option to opt out.


How do you manage cookies on the Thecappadociatravel website?

In addition to the Cookie Consent Tool, most browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. The browser notifies you when you receive a new cookie or use it to disable cookies completely. If you decide to disable or delete them entirely, some sites do not rely on cookies, nor do they work, to provide you with the service you requested. If you don't want to allow Thecappadociatravel and third parties to use cookies such as pixel tags in email, the best way to do this is not to enable images when you view our emails. In other words, just display the plain text of the email. Some internet browsers and email clients can be used to disable / block cookies such as Gmail.


Changing Your Browser Settings

You can change your browser settings to limit which cookies can be set. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu for your browser. You can find more information here or in your browser's 'Help' menu.